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Animal Spirit Healing & Education® Network Catalog of Classes ::

Animal Spirit Healing & Education® Network is a collaborative educational platform dedicated to enhancing the lives of animal companions and their humans. This vision is offered through teleclasses, webinars, and on-site courses.

Classes are categorized into the departments listed below. Click on a link to go directly to that department's class listing.


Link to complete catalog

For a full and complete listing of all of the classes offered by Animal Spirit Healing & Education® Network, please visit our full catalog page.

On Demand format

On demand classes are self-paced, and include downloadable handouts and streaming audio. Some are overviews and introductions to topics that ASN offers, and others are more comprehensive expositions of the topic they cover. All offer practical advice that you can use for your animals.

Teleclass format

Teleclasses are interactive teleconference calls. Teleclass series give you sequenced instruction that builds week by week. ASN teleclasses are intimate circles that build community. Longer course series are supported by internet classrooms with ongoing communication throughout the week. Our long distance relationships develop into close friendships with shared experiences and learning. And you never have to leave home!

Webinar format

Webinars / Webclasses are gatherings that allow you to join a live community and learn from wherever you are located. Real time slide shows and visual materials via your computer enhance your experience and make it easy to follow along. You can connect to the audio through your computer, or through a telephone conference line. Downloadable manuals are provided with the webinar classes, just like ASN does with teleclasses.

Live Workshops

Live Workshops give you concentrated experiences on location over the course of 1, 2, 3, 4, or 5 days. Live workshops are energetic and powerful, offering hands on experience and in-person connections. Some live workshops include ceremonial aspects that allow deep transformations and personal healing. (live workshops held primarily in the Chicago and New York areas)

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