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What Students Say...

"Words cannot express the level of gratitude I feel towards the ASN network. Thank you for being available for my path of growth!"Jennifer M.


"After two years of struggling with my abilities, I have finally found the safe haven from where to conquer my fears and doubts. It is an overwhelming and wonderful experience. Thank you all so much!" Ivonne S.


"I love ASN! They have been so helpful and supportive over the years, with all of the different resources, instructors, classes, and more! I am so grateful. Keep up the good work, and thank you!"Lori S.


"ASN is a remarkable community providing essential information and skill development at a time when it is not easy to find. The instructors are incredibly knowledgeable and adept in their fields. I am very grateful for the opportunity to participate. "Ellie G.


"I am really looking forward to continuing learning and deepening my bond with the animals as well as all the lovely people I have been meeting and learning from in this community. It feels great to be able to have this community available."


"I can't tell you how incredibly grateful I am that the universe guided me to your network. You are providing me with exactly the kind of training and education I want and need to be able to do the things that are dearest to my soul. Thank you!"Vicki B.


"The Animal Spirit Healing and Education Network has enhanced my personal and professional life. I am so grateful for the education and community service that you provide."Nancy C.


"Thank you! I appreciate all you do. This is a wonderful place for me to travel on my journey and learn. "Sheila L.


"I am so enjoying these classes! Your choice of instructors is outstanding and my work and clients are benefiting from all of this immensely. Thank you so much for forming this network for everyone." Cathy W.


"Thank you for organizing such educating and informative teleclasses!" Astrid H.


"Keep it up ASN!. Your courses are valuable, and the coaching calls are so affordable!" Sue T.


"Thank you for the support and energy you put into organizing these wonderful opportunities! So far the classes I have participated in seem seamless and very well organized. " Judy R.


"Well worth the money! I think in today's environment that statement means a lot. I came away knowing muh more then I did before. I love the fact we get detailed handouts to keep for review, and the fact we can relisten to the entire course again. This to me is one reasons I have been so very pleased about the training I have received at ASN. When I can take a training and come away with so much more knowledge then before, it is well worth it. Thank you again for the service and training you provide!" Toni K.


"The teleconferencing concept is the best of both worlds! You really do have the sense that you are present in a classroom, interacting with the instructor and your classmates, yet you're nice and comfy at home -no parking spaces to worry about, no traffic to deal with getting to or from class. I love the whole teleclass concept and am really impressed with the way it has been implemented!" Kathleen P.


"I was surprised (even listening to the first class) how well it replicated an in-person class experience." Patricia K.

    Kathryn L.

"The reason I undertook this course after attending the introductory teleclass was because the handouts/materials and presentation were so informative and professional. My present course materials are of that same high quality. This is important to me because I want the most professional, informative, and inspirational materials to build the solid foundation of my communication practice. This is the only way I would choose to immerse myself in the art of animal communication." Kathryn L.


"I feel so grateful for having this experience with the teleclass series. It has enriched my life beyond my expectations.   I am so excited to continue this journey, and love the support from Animal Spirit Network and the incredible teachers who are so gifted, compassionate and loving." Mary C.


"Every time I take a course with ASN I learn so much! These courses all interweave with each other so well - thank you - it was extremely helpful to have this course!" Merry H.


"I remember Kristin saying in the first class that we would be different people by the end of these six weeks. I wasn't entirely sure what she meant, but now that it's over - it's true! The teleclass gave me the opportunity to finally try to communicate with animals, and with the positive support from the entire group and a safe haven to practice, I began to gain confidence in my ability to do this. As the weeks passed, I noticed how differently I was starting to look at, well, everything! All the animals, the entire world and our roles within it. I also feel more content with myself and my surroundings. There's a kind of inner glow, the same glow of love and peace that comes from an especially amazing connection with an animal that I am now able to carry with me and help me with day to day life. So, Thank You, to everyone involved!" Catherine A.


"I think that it is great that you are doing these classes! I really appreciate the opportunity to attend classes in this way, which I would not be able to travel to attend.  It is especially nice to have people from other parts of the country." Sondy K.


"ASN does a wonderful job setting these classes up and getting them all organized and helping out when needed and keeping everything flowing as smooth as possible." Christa T.


"I like the teleconference aspect. It's so easy." Andrea B.

    Lorie A.

"The series of Animal Communication classes I have completed have changed my day to day life. The exercises have opened doors in my mind, expanded my awareness, helped me and my animals to heal, and created a sense of deep peace within me. The instruction in these classes, the content of the handouts, the exercises, the practice, and most of all the interaction with the other students drawn to this work have been an extraordinary experience. Thank you!" Lorie A.


"Thanks for making these teleclasses available! For those of us that can't get away, these opportunities are invaluable!" Liz K.


"Thank you for creating this network. It gave me the opportunity to learn from home since I have a toddler and could not attend an in-person weekend workshop."


"This was my first teleclass and I was surprised at how well it went and how easy it was for me to fit it into my schedule." Lyn B.


"The Animal Spirit Network teleconferencing approach is a concept whose time as come!" Anonymous


"I am loving every minute of the classes and workshops I've taken (and am taking). The personal growth; the gifts I've been able to pass on to other people and animal friends in the world; the spirit guides/support. I cannot say enough about what this is doing for me. Looking forward to seeing how this fits into my future as a healing practitioner!" Beth H.


"This was my first experience with a Teleclass - so I have no benchmark. However, everything related to the experience was top notch." Dee J.


"I'm really impressed with the professionalism of ASN." Patrice S.


"Thank you for making these experts available to all of us who can't travel to see them. ASN is truly a service to our animals and those who love them.  Blessings to you!" Jan E.


"Words cannot express the level of gratitude I feel towards Kristin and the ASN network. Thank you for being available for my path of growth!" Jennifer M.


"A great environmentally friendly way to transcend time and space!  My kitties and I were visited by a wise friend/instructor, and received relaxed quality education while cuddling on the couch." Pat S.


"I was pleasantly surprised with the whole teleclass experience. I didn't know what to expect as far as getting anything out of it, but I would highly recommend it to anyone who is seriously wanting to enhance their communication abilities."Kathy C.


Helping Animals in Your Life

Explore what interests you!

Animal Spirit Network offers a range of animal healing courses that provide the skills and knowledge needed to help the animals in your life.

Not only will our courses help deepen your relationship with animals, but will also build your knowledge of and develop practical skills in holistic animal care and the intuitive healing arts.


Animal Care Business Owner

Build a professional practice!

Animal Spirit Network's in-depth study program offers you the knowledge and hands-on skills to develop your holistic animal care business.

This program focuses on professional and business development areas a practitioner needs to work with animals and their people.


Animal Healing Careers

If you are already an animal professional...

Animal Spirit Network provides an in-depth holistic animal care study program for vet techs, animal massage therapists, and other professionals in animal healing arts.


Holistic Animal Care Education

Not sure where to start?

Nurturing deep relationships and providing holistic care for animals is important to you.

Whether you are a veterinarian, pet sitter, trainer, groomer, animal communicator, Reiki master, or other animal care professional, Animal Spirit Network offers a range of courses in its holistic animal care study program that are perfect for you!



Animal Spirit Healing & Education® Network is a collaborative school, offering educational classes and a certificate program in animal communication. Our faculty members are top professionals who are dedicated and inspiring teachers. Our students range from people who simply want to connect more deeply with their animal companions; to healing arts professionals who want to expand their knowledge and develop their practice; to animal care professionals such as veterinarians, who are dedicated to providing the best in holistic care to their clients.


Learn at your own pace through long distance telephone and online classes. Combine with in-person learning opportunities.

Fun & Inspirational:

Enjoy learning from the animals and intuitive instructors in an educational community of animal lovers.

  • Connect
  • Communicate
  • Reflect
  • Share
  • Inspire


Certificate of completion available for the program of study. Specialty classes and core requirements integrated for a well-rounded learning experience that blends science, and intuition and practical application.

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